Report Builder Table Schema (report_builder)


Each report has an entry here

report_builder table columns

Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id BIGINT 19 null
report_builder_cache.reportid repobuilcach_rep2_fk R
report_builder_columns.reportid repobuilcolu_rep2_fk R
report_builder_filters.reportid repobuilfilt_rep2_fk R
report_builder_graph.reportid repobuilgrap_rep2_fk R
report_builder_saved.reportid repobuilsave_rep3_fk R
report_builder_schedule.reportid repobuilsche_rep2_fk R
report_builder_search_cols.reportid repobuilsearcols_rep2_fk R
report_builder_settings.reportid repobuilsett_rep2_fk R

ID of the table

fullname VARCHAR 1333

Title of report, displayed on page and used to refer to a report instance

shortname VARCHAR 255

Unique shortname used internally as a unique way of identifying a report

source VARCHAR 255

Data source on which the report is based

hidden SMALLINT 5 0

If set to 1, report not shown on My Reports page but still accessible at URL

cache SMALLINT 5 0

If set to 1, report will be generated once per scheduled period and cached. Users will see only cached results

accessmode SMALLINT 5 0

Controls how access to the report is determined

contentmode SMALLINT 5 0

Controls how the content of the report is determined

description LONGTEXT 2147483647 null

Description of the report

recordsperpage BIGINT 19 40

Number of records to show on a single page of results for this report

defaultsortcolumn VARCHAR 255 null

Name of the column (type_value) to use to initially sort the report

defaultsortorder BIGINT 19 4

Integer representing the direction that default sorting should be done

embedded SMALLINT 5 0

Indicates whether the report is an embedded report. Set to 1 for embedded, 0 otherwise.

initialdisplay BIT 1 0

Indicated whether to wait for filters to be applied before generating the report

toolbarsearch SMALLINT 5 1

Indicates if toolbarsearch should be enabled

globalrestriction BIT 1 0

Enable global restrictions for this report

timemodified BIGINT 19 0

Updated when the report, column or setting changes

showtotalcount BIT 1 0

Should a total count of records before filters are applied be shown

overrideexportoptions BIT 1 0

Override the general export options

useclonedb BIT 1 0

Use database clone

Table contained -1 rows

report_builder table indexes

Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc id
repobuil_sho_uix Must be unique Asc shortname

report_builder table relationships