Report Builder Group Table Schema (report_builder_group)


Defines activity groups

report_builder_group table columns

Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id BIGINT 19 null
report_builder_group_assign.groupid repobuilgrouassi_gro2_fk R
report_builder_preproc_track.groupid repobuilpreptrac_gro2_fk R
name VARCHAR 255

Name of the activity group

preproc VARCHAR 255

Name of the pre-processor used by this activity group

baseitem VARCHAR 255 null

Unique reference to the base item for this activity group

assigntype VARCHAR 255

Name of the method for assigning activities to this group

assignvalue BIGINT 19 null

Value used by some assign types to store information about assignments

Table contained -1 rows

report_builder_group table indexes

Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc id

report_builder_group table relationships