Cohort Table Schema (cohort)


Each record represents one cohort (aka site-wide group).

cohort table columns

Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id BIGINT 19 null
appraisal_grp_cohort.cohortid apprgrpcoho_coh2_fk R
auth_connect_user_collections.cohortid authconnusercoll_coh2_fk R
block_zoola_reports_cohort.cohortid bloczoolrepocoho_coh2_fk R
cohort_members.cohortid cohomemb_coh2_fk R
cohort_msg_queue.cohortid cohomsgqueu_coh2_fk R
cohort_plan_config.cohortid cohoplanconf_coh2_fk R
cohort_plan_history.cohortid cohoplanhist_coh2_fk R
cohort_role.cohortid cohorole_coh2_fk R
cohort_rule_collections.cohortid cohorulecoll_coh2_fk R
cohort_visibility.cohortid cohovisi_coh2_fk R
competency_templatecohort.cohortid Implied Constraint R
feedback360_grp_cohort.cohortid feedgrpcoho_coh2_fk R
goal_grp_cohort.cohortid goalgrpcoho_coh2_fk R
goal_user_type_cohort.cohortid goalusertypecoho_coh2_fk R
report_builder_schedule_email_audience.cohortid repobuilscheemaiaudi_coh2_fk R
reportbuilder_grp_cohort_record.cohortid repogrpcohoreco_coh2_fk R
reportbuilder_grp_cohort_user.cohortid repogrpcohouser_coh2_fk R
totara_connect_client_cohorts.cohortid totaconncliecoho_coh2_fk R
totara_connect_clients.cohortid totaconnclie_coh2_fk R
totara_dashboard_cohort.cohortid totadashcoho_coh2_fk R
contextid BIGINT 19 null coho_con2_fk R

Context is usually ignored in sync operations so that the cohorts may be moved freely around in the context tree without any side affects.

name VARCHAR 254

Short human readable name for the cohort, does not have to be unique

idnumber VARCHAR 100 null

Unique identifier of a cohort, useful especially for mapping to external entities

description LONGTEXT 2147483647 null

Standard description text box

descriptionformat TINYINT 3 null
visible BIT 1 1

Visibility to teachers - Totara may be using different logic

component VARCHAR 100

Component (plugintype_pluignname) that manages the cohort, manual modifications are allowed only when set to NULL

timecreated BIGINT 19 null
timemodified BIGINT 19 null
cohorttype BIGINT 19 1

Totara cohort type from totara_cohort, 1 is static 2 is dynamic

modifierid BIGINT 19 0

Totara modifier id from totara_cohort

visibility BIT 1 0

Totara cohort visibility from totara_cohort

alertmembers BIT 1 0

Totara alert members from totara_cohort

startdate BIGINT 19 null

Totara start date from totara_cohort

enddate BIGINT 19 null

Totara end date from totara_cohort

active BIT 1 0

Totara active flag from totara_cohort

calculationstatus TINYINT 3 1

Totara calculatio nstatus flag from totara_cohort

activecollectionid BIGINT 19 null

Totara active collection id from totara_cohort

draftcollectionid BIGINT 19 null

Totara draft collection id from totara_cohort

broken BIT 1 0

Totara broken flag from totara_cohort

Table contained -1 rows

cohort table indexes

Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc id
coho_con_ix Performance Asc contextid

cohort table relationships